Dental Implants

Our dental implants provide the most advanced solution available today for the replacement of natural teeth.

Here at The Temple Practice, we are proud to be home to the West Yorkshire Dental Implant Centre. We have amongst the most skilled and experienced Implant Surgeons in the UK in our team, and between us, we have placed well over 12,500 dental implants to date. Just Google our credentials! 

We have around 60 dental practitioners in the region referring their Patients to us. And because we provide a 1 stop implant service via our dedicated Implant Team, we are able to provide even the most complex of procedures with a sensible price tag.

The prices quoted are the actual cost – no hidden extras or exaggerated claims as you might find elsewhere. We can also split the cost over several months, in order to make the dental treatment accessible to all without compromising the high quality of the implant and crown.

We use only the highest quality implants and porcelain available today to ensure the integrity and prolonged life of your implant. Our aftercare is second to none – and we will regularly inspect your implant in the years to come.

Why Dental Implants?

Over half of the UK population will suffer tooth loss due to tooth decay, gum disease, or injury. Dental implants are a straightforward and routine procedure; the implant comprises a titanium ‘root’ in the gum and a ceramic crown which replicates the original tooth and is as close to the real thing as possible.

A dental implant will give you the confidence to talk, eat, and smile normally without a second thought.

The Benefits of Dental Implants

  • They look, act and feel like normal, strong natural teeth.
  • They Maintain Your Face Structure.
  • They are Fixed.
  • They are a Long-term Solution.


Different types of dental Implants
Everyone’s teeth are unique, meaning everyone we treat will have different needs. At The Temple Practice we offer a full range of dental implant types to suit your own unique needs.

Single Tooth Implant
When you only have one tooth missing this can be replaced with an individual implant. This is the best treatment option available to not only restore the functionality of the missing tooth, but to support the health of the neighbouring teeth and preserve the jawbone.

Implant Supported Bridge
With an implant supported bridge we will fill multiple gaps in your mouth with minimal surgically placed implants. For example, if you have three teeth missing in a row you will not have an implant placed in the middle, only within the neighbouring gaps.

Full Set
Although most adults have 32 teeth this does not mean you will need to have 32 implants surgically placed. Lower jaws need a minimum of two implants and the upper jaw requires a minimum of four. 

Dental implants for patients who have experienced bone loss.
Sufficient bone density of the jaw is required for dental implants to be successful, without it the jaw will not be able to support the implant. Patients who have experienced bone loss will still be able to receive the treatment, however, an additional procedure may need to be completed to strengthen the jawbone. This is achieved through adding bone usually at the time the implant is placed. With the advances in modern technology, dental implants are suitable to almost all patients.

Bone Graft
When the jawbone is missing bone density and volume, we will rebuild and strengthen the jawbone around the implants by adding bone.

We have a choice of bone to use:

  • Bovine – demineralised cow bone (the most commonly used).
  • Synthetic – man made particulate, suitable for vegans.

Sometimes the upper jawbone does not have sufficient bone density or volume to support implants. Unlike a bone graft, this process does not rebuild the jawbone, rather adds bone volume in the Sinus space. This procedure is common and can sometimes take place at the same time of implant placement, but it is usually carried out separately to support a removable denture.