Domiciliary Dental Care

Enabling access to dental treatments at our patients’ own homes and care homes around Leeds since 2002.

Here at the Temple Practice, we have been providing low-cost Dentistry at our patients’ own homes and Care Homes since 2002. In that time, our dentists and nurses have helped many thousands of patients in and around Leeds receive the care they need to ensure they have the freedom to enjoy life. And because we provide this service at our patients’ homes and Care Homes, we are able to get to patients who may otherwise be unable to access the care they need.

Dentistry is not just about keeping your teeth clean. It is also about maintaining healthy gums, and preventing the kind of diseases that can restrict or harm a healthy life. Did you know that your dentist may be able to detect the early onset of diseases such as heart disease and several cancers, to name but a few? And very recently, promising studies have been undertaken which show clear links between gum disease and Alzheimers in over 90% of Alzheimers sufferers. It is therefore equally as important for our patients who have their own teeth or no teeth at all to have regular dental screening.

As our population benefits from the increase in life expectancy, then more than ever it is vital to ensure that teeth gums are kept clean and healthy to ensure that there is a barrier to the kind of diseases described above which may otherwise restrict our lives.

A convenient service where residents receive excellent care from our experienced dental teams. Residents, family members and carers will be involved as necessary in discussing your needs with us and creating a treatment plan that’s right for.

A service that you can rely upon to deliver care to everyone dependant on their individual needs. Care Quality Commission standards will be achieved with the guidance of our Oral Health Promotion Team’s training programme which they can deliver to you annually.

Training for your teams is an essential element for the daily support your residents may need and for this reason our Oral Health Promotion team will do annual training as well as the dental team giving guidance on an individual basis where necessary.

We would be happy to arrange an open day at the home to assess the individual’s needs, and provide the management with a full guide of the dental health of all who would like to take up the home visit service.  For further information including cost please email

We offer a service where the dentist will come to your door. We have been taking dental care to people’s homes and residential care homes for many years. We have an experienced team of people who understand the difficulties that can prevent people attending dental appointments. We offer a service where the dentist comes to anyone who feels, for whatever reason, they would like to receive dental care in the comfort of their own home.

Travel to your residence
Full oral health examination
Oral cancer screening
Bone loss & tooth mobility assessment
A fully quoted treatment plan discussed and agreed with you to meet your needs.

Temple Dental Home Care provides regular dental examinations to ensure that our patients are being screened for oral diseases or other diseases which may be detected by examining teeth, gums and all around the inside of the mouth.

Temple Dental Home Care provides the best available denture technology to ensure that our dentures are tailor made to fit our patients’ ever-changing gums, resulting in increased patient confidence and enjoyment of mealtimes. We are able to provide this service at a much reduced cost than is generally available, and we pride ourselves on having many thousands of patients who have benefitted from the savings over the years. We also provide low-cost denture replacements every five years at a low monthly cost to ensure even greater satisfaction and quality of life.

We would welcome you contacting us to discuss your requirements. Our Dentist to Door service will come out to homes within Leeds approximately 10 miles radius from Leeds 17

Providing access to regular dental care has many benefits for employers and employees, including improved oral and dental health, frequently leading to better general health, reduced employee absence for dental appointments and greater well-being at work.

We can offer dental screenings, dental hygiene appointments or regular general dental clinics on your premises. We use entirely portable equipment and will work flexibly with you to provide a service that best meets your needs.

Contact us to discuss your requirements and for a quotation.