Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty

“Nose job in your lunch hour with long lasting results!”

The Temple Practice is now delighted to offer the cutting edge, scalpel-free Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty. This all new treatment has only very recently become available in the UK.

All new confidence boosting treatment with dramatic, transformative results. The rhinoplasty can sculpt, refine and align the nose and address asymmetry and smooth nose bumps.

Our experienced treatment specialists use safe high level injectable technology to augment the nose shape without invasive surgery to correct common aesthetic defects.

For many patients, the non-surgical nature of our treatment makes it a preferred choice over traditional invasive operations and the results are still long-lasting.

Another bonus is immediate results with very little discomfort – so you don’t have to take any time off your day-to-day life.

Treatment available following free consultation to assess suitability and can be done the same day with no downtime.

Treatment testimonial…

“I was fortunate enough to be asked to be a “model” for The Temple Practice. I was to be given a “non-surgical nose-job”.  I jumped at the chance!

I have always disliked my nose, so the opportunity to change it without going down a fully surgical route was one I could not miss. 

The procedure took approximately 20 minutes and the team were very respectful and aware of my apprehension and nervousness, and made me feel at ease throughout the procedure.  A local numbing cream was used on my nose and took effect quite quickly.  It wasn’t uncomfortable, just felt a little cold and, well….numb!

I was given 4 injections, two at the top of my nose, each side of the bridge, then two at the bottom, to lift the tip. The results were astonishing – subtle, yet astonishing!  Some cream was applied and I was on my way! 

The initial feeling afterwards was one of oddness – I felt like everyone would see swelling, but actually visually, there was nothing to see! I had NO visual bruising whatsoever. The team kept in touch over the following few days.  I was a little concerned a couple of days afterwards as the tip was still quite sore and there was some slight redness. My fears were allayed as this was all part of the healing process and a few days of gentle massage with some Vitamin E oil and it was as right as rain. 

I now have a straight nose, that does not look odd, in any way…..and I still look like me! I could not recommend this procedure highly enough, and as such The Temple Practice are the people to do it!”

The photos below are taken at our training centre…

Patient 1 (Before)

Patient 1 (Immediately after)

Patient 2 (Before)

Patient 2 (Immediately after)

Patient 2 (Before review)

Patient 2 (After review)

Patient 3 (Before)

Patient 3 (Immediately after)

Patient 4 (Before)

Patient 4 (Immediately after)

Our Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty treatments are available from all our clinics in West Yorkshire. Please call us on 0113 268 0886 for more information.