Paul Morris

Paul Daniel Morris


Qualifications: BChD (Leeds) M CLIN DENT (PROSTHO) PG CERT (ENDO)

GDC Number: 104094

Since graduating from Leeds University in 2006 Paul has worked gaining valuable insight into a more generalised field of dentistry, working in private practice in Sydney and Yorkshire in the past 6 years.

Most recently he has completed a 4 year double masters in fixed and removable prosthodontics in which he achieved a merit from Kings College London. The degree covers all areas in substantial depth and detail (except implants and orthodontics).

The course focuses on occlusion and the treatment of heavily worn and broken-down dentitions. This complex area of dentistry involves rehabilitation of patients with a range of treatment option from more minimally invasive treatment modalities such as, splint therapy, composite bonded restorations, veneers through to more traditional style prosthodontics such as crowns, bridges and dentures. Paul continuously tries to improve his standards and strives to provide the highest levels of quality in his work.

Paul also has a special interest in endodontology (root fillings) and has taken a 2 year post graduate course at the University of Chester, to be able to treat more complex endodontic cases with the use of a microscope.

Whilst the list of available treatments to the right looks no different to those that a GDP will offer, the big difference is that in a patient that suffers from moderated to severe tooth wear, there is no occlusal space for these restorations (in most cases). A GDP will see that the teeth are shorter, worn, need treatment but there maybe no room for them to place the restoration, therefore they tend not to treat it. Paul is happy to undertake this more complex treatment of toothwear

In his spare time, Paul has been invited to act as a Post Graduate tutor at Kings College, London.

Paul’s Tooth Wear treatments range from :
• Tailor-made preventative treatment strategies with detailed monitoring.
• Protective splints.
• State of the art, tooth coloured minimally invasive, chair side composite build-ups, to restore worn teeth.
• Highly protective, aesthetic lab made, veneers, crowns, bridges made to withstand wear.
• For severely worn teeth, dentures and over-dentures.