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Photo by Shiny Diamond from Pexels
Multiple TreatmentsMr S Cooke
“I’ve just joined the practice and been twice now, I’ve found the practice excellent, my Dentist tells you everything that’s going on in great detail, both she and her nurse are very friendly. The reception staff are also very helpful and friendly.”
Photo by Shiny Diamond from Pexels
Dental TreatmentsMrs Mandie Duce
“A brilliant experience. Friendly Receptionists. The dentist was excellent. He spoke to me in a polite manner and there was no feeling like unnecessary work was going to be carried out. Teeth checked and crown fixed back on, I went to the hygienist and had a clean and polish. She was fab and gave me a few good tips as well as talking me through what she was doing. No more dreading the dentist!”
Dermal Fillers & Wrinkle RelaxantsDawn

“I have been seeing Debbie for the last 2 years for my wrinkle relaxant and filler treatments, and i feel very confident with the results from Debbie’s work, also the price plan is a great idea.”

“I have been unhappy with the shape of my nose for a long time. I did not like that my nose was crooked and my profile looked terrible. My nose had a dip in it and it looked like the end of my nose dipped down. Before the treatment, I had a local anaesthetic. The area around my nose was numb immediately. That injection did not hurt. Then Debbie injected filler into the bit in between my nostrils. I could hardly feel anything. This immediately gave an instant lift to my nose tip. I also had a bit of filler injected into the tip of my nose. Debbie filled in the remainder of the dip (which you can see in my photo). This did not hurt at all. There was a bit of swelling, but that went overnight. My nose now has no dip, it has been lifted and I am delighted with the result. I would recommend the procedure and I would highly recommend Debbie!”

“Sophia has achieved fantastic results with the treatment she has applied to my face. Sophia is an artist and it shows when she has a needle in her hand! She uses it like a paintbrush each side of the face that she injected is exactly the same on the other side. I have never come across this before.

As far as the lips – well – I have had this treatment before and found it extremely painful, but with Sophia I have to admit I did not have any pain, just a little discomfort; after treatment I did not look like I had fish-lips!

Overall, I am so happy with the end result and I highly recommend Sophia to anyone. She has given me back my confidence and I wake up in the morning now with a less tired and much fresher looking face – I am very happy with that.

Friends have told me it has knocked at least
10 years off my overall look. My forehead is now wrinkle-free and my jaw-line is much firmer – not a sagging jowl to be seen!

Thank you Sophia x”

“Maria has a good skin and an even bone structure. The lines evident around her mouth, forehead, chin and cheeks were well developed prior to treatment, and there was a little sagging to the jaw-line. Her lips were relatively thin and down-turned, her chin had a deep crease below the lip.

For her treatment: 
Relax horizontal forehaed lines (frontalis)
Relax and fill vertical forehead lines (glabellar)
Relax crows feet
Fill nose-mouth lines (naso-labial)
Fill mouth-chin lines (extended naso-labial)
Fill lines above and around lips (marionette)
Define lips (vermillion border)
Augment top and bottom lips
Minor augmentation of horizontal chin crease
Minor cheek augmentation

The whole process took around an hour in total and swelling was very slight and unnoticeable.

As a result, Maria’s mouth/ chin area looks much refreshed, and her eyes wider and softer. Maria will require 3-4 monthly top-up treatment for her forehead/ eye area, and perhaps a 9-12 month minimal top-up to other areas”

Polly’s Testimonial:
“I had a full face thread lift nine weeks ago carried out by Debbie Kendall. Last week I had a top up of the lower face, this is sometimes needed at the eight week review.

The treatment begins with anaesthetic cream applied to the face . Once the cream has taken affect, the threads are placed in the areas needed. A fine needle is placed into the skin and when taken out, a polymer thread is left behind. I found the whole procedure to be completely painless and quite relaxing. There was an immediate tightened lifted look of my skin with minor swelling. There wasn’t any redness and I was able to continue with my normal activities afterwards. There was a little bit of discomfort laying on my side at night, but very little and didn’t last long.with my own Weekly reviews i could see  improved skin texture, tightened pores, plumper cheeks and lifted jowls. With a little top up last week, I now look 10 years younger than I did. I feel more confident and happier with my appearance. I would recommend this procedure to anyone wanting a fresher more youthful appearance.”

Dawn’s Testimonial:
“I have been seeing Debbie for the last 2 years for my wrinkle relaxant and filler treatments, and i feel very confident with the results from Debbie’s work, also the price plan is a great idea.”

Julie’s Testimonial:
“After being told I looked 6 years older than my real age I went to the Temple Practice for filler treatments on my smoking lines, the treatment was painless and very effective, I have also been told it is long lasting – money very well spent!!”

Marlene’s Testimonial:
“I have been coming to see Debbie for the past year and a half for fillers and have always been really happy with the results. I continue to use Debbie as she is very honest and concious about keeping a natural look which is also very important to me as i would not like to look like sylvester stalones mother.”

Alice’s Testimonial:
“Always a pleasure to be treated by Debbie. I tried a couple of other places – but once i found her i have stayed. Always a good experience and great results, a couple of pinches but great results for months. Highly recommended.”

Linda’s Testimonial:
“Like many women I spent my thirties bringing up a young family. Lack of sleep and a demanding family and work schedule left me very little time to be concerned about my own appearance. By the time I hit 40 the children were all at school, we were more financially secure and I was able to reduce my working hours – life was good. I started to feel much more like my pre- children self and wanted my appearance to reflect this. Time was, however, taking its toll and the reflection in the mirror looked older than I felt. I had lines across my forehead and the skin around my mouth was starting to sag and crease. My initial reaction was that this was just a fact of life that we all have to live with.

Thankfully, a somewhat more pro-active friend disagreed with my philosophy and told me about wrinkle relaxant and face filler treatments that she was having. She was thrilled with her own results and I had to admit that she was looking good. I felt quite excited when I went in for treatment. I decided to have wrinkle relaxant on my forehead and dermal fillers around the mouth. I also chose to have a small amount of filler in my top lip to make it a little plumper. The nurse I saw explained about the different treatments available and encouraged me to start with low levels of treatment and see how I liked it rather than risk overdoing it. The emphasis was on keeping it looking natural. The treatments themselves were surprisingly quick and no worse than a trip to the dentist, although I would recommend a local anaesthetic if having lip fillers as this is a very sensitive area. That evening the treated areas looked a bit red and lumpy but did not feel sore. By the next morning everything was much more settled and I looked fine for work. It took a couple of days for the wrinkle relaxant to take effect. Quite simply it completely removed any trace of lines but it does also remove the ability to frown – I have now learned to glare with my eyes! The lip filler was far less dramatic and I was initially a little disappointed. I had a subsequent treatment using more filler and preferred the results this time.

For me, however, the best treatment has been the dermal fillers which have lifted the sagginess around the sides of my mouth and smoothed away those ageing lines which I had been unable to hide. Most people don’t know that I have had treatments but I have had lots of people tell me I’m looking well and that I don’t look my age which is a great result
for me.”

Mrs Smith Testimonial:
“I am a 30 year old lady who was very nervous about having a wrinkle relaxant, but after seeing Debbie for a consultation, i felt i was in very good hands everything was explained in great detail and there was no pressure to go ahead with the treatment it was my choice if i was to put it all in a nutshell i would say. Great advice, excellent follow up and amazing results and i would definitely recommend the temple practice to anyone.” 

Mrs H Testimonial:
“Since coming to see Debbie for fillers around my mouth and wrinkle relaxant in my forehead and around my eyes i now feel like a new woman. My once lined face is now wrinkle free and it has given me a new found confidence in myself. It is good to find someone who is caring, friendly and who you can trust to do a good job. My only problem is keeping away.”

Mrs T Testimonial:
“I am very pleased with the way everything about Laser/ipl hair removal
treatment has been explained to me , In a manner that I could understand. Debbie is very caring and good at what she does you don’t need to worry about coming to see her. I have had several areas done and had fantastic results, some areas take longer than others but its well worth it. I would recommend Debbie to anyone.”

Mrs K Testimonial:
“I am a 36 year old woman who was very nervous initially about having wrinkle relaxant. I am so pleased with the results it keeps me looking young and wrinkle free. The treatment is virtually pain free and Debbie makes you feel so comfortable. Debbie has shown me you can have wrinkle relaxant and fillers and still look natural.”