Smile Makeovers

Cosmetic dentistry with amazing results

Using a combination of dental techniques to achieve a great smile.

Here, porcelain veneers and crowns correct crooked teeth, an uneven gum line, and other chipped, worn, and discoloured dentistry. While cosmetic dentists can make a dramatic difference in a person’s smile and overall oral health, the work must be carefully planned — though for many the elaborate and costly production is worth it in the end.

A brilliant smile transformation from Dr Jeevan Matharoo. 

This patient was concerned about some ‘crowding’ of their lower teeth and a chipped upper front tooth. With some simple Invisalign straightening, teeth whitening and composite bonding we were able to achieve a great result this patient loves. (Second photo taken 6 months after finishing treatment)

Rather than a ‘one size fits all’ approach, all of our treatment plans are tailored to your individual wants and needs.

Ever dreamt of new teeth for the new year? 

This patient came in concerned about her upper front teeth, as she felt that her front teeth were too far back in her mouth. 

Dr Jeevan Matharoo placed six composite veneers, giving the patient the smile she always wanted!

Another very happy patient for Dr Jeevan Matharoo. 

This patient was not happy with the appearance of her upper and lower front teeth. She felt they were not straight and wanted this correcting. 

We achieved a smile this patient now loves with Invisalign and some at home teeth whitening to brighten up her smile.

Restoring teeth back to health. 

This patient came in with some decay in his first molar and second premolar teeth. After cleaning the decay out, we placed some composite fillings to restore these teeth back to health and function.

Dr Jeevan Matharoo says “It’s composite bonding time!” 

This lady came in complaining about the worn down appearance of her upper and lower teeth. 

After careful planning with diagnostic wax ups and smile trials, we decided to place six composite veneers on her upper six front teeth, four composite veneers on her lower incisors and composite edge bonding on her lower canines. Finally we replaced the patient’s crown on her lower right second premolar with a layered porcelain crown. 

The overall result was a smile the patient loves!

It looks like teeth whitening time! 

This patient came in complaining about her discoloured front tooth. They had some trauma to this tooth years ago which required a root canal treatment. Unfortunately, after root canal it is common for teeth to discolour over time, giving the tooth a grey appearance. 

After discussing treatment options of whitening, composite veneers or porcelain veneers with the patient, we decided to do some internal whitening to bleach the inside of the tooth. (This photo is the result after one week!)

Time for an all new smile! 

This patient wanted her teeth straightening which we achieved with some aligning using Invisalign — a brilliant result.

Dr Jeevan Matharoo then brightened the smile with some teeth whitening and re-contoured the edges of her upper teeth by smoothing them rather than adding composite to them, as this created a great result with less maintenance. 

Following this we placed some crowns on the patient’s upper left first and second premolars as these had been discoloured with amalgam staining. 

The end result was a very happy patient with a brilliant smile!

Time for a significant smile transformation. 

This patient was a regular at our practice. She had worn her teeth over the years and wanted to do something to improve her smile. In this case, the teeth were so worn that the lower jaw had repositioned itself to give a comfortable bite. This creates a difficult situation to bring the top teeth back to their normal size. 

After some great cooperation with preventative and diet advice, we carefully planned, in tandem with our dental lab, a better position for the lower jaw to give us the space to restore the teeth back to their normal size. 

After discussing her treatment options, Dr Jeevan Matharoo and the patient decided on placing porcelain crowns on the upper teeth to create this lovely smile! 

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