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Maria’s Diary

Day 1
22nd December – appointment 1.30pm
Debbie and Sophia explained everything in fine detail. Cream anaesthetic was applied. 45 minutes later and the first thread was injected along the jawline. One hurt slightly; not excrutiating, but I felt it. Next was down the side of my face; slightly painful one next to the ear. Along the cheek – nothing felt. Under the eye – nothing felt.

One side of face done and the procedure was the same on the other side. The areas I felt the injections on the right side were exactly the same on the left.

All done in about an hour. Face feels very warm and tight. Bruising to the right cheek and a little swelling. Debbie applied cold face cloth and this helps.

As anaesthetic wears off, areas around jawline and ear are a little tender. Advice – eat before the procedure if you can. It is a little painful to chew. Taken 2 pain-relief tablets and they have helped.

9pm – Still a bit tender. Applied cold cloth to face and cream to bring out the bruising. Small bruise under left jaw. Throughout the night – a little discomfort whilst trying to lie on my side.

23rd December
Feels a lot better. Bruising has come out but easily covered up with foundation and the swelling has reduced significantly. A tiny bit tender still.

Can see a little difference in complexion. Sometimes if I touch certain areas, it feels a little sharp under the skin – a bit prickly……does not hurt as such.

Applied cold cloth to face – feels quite tight.

26th December 2014
Bruising disappearing. I can feel a tightening in the skin around the cheeks and jaw-line. Advised that the pricking sensation is quite normal.Went for a walk in the cold air – seems to cool my skin down and it feels even more tight.

28th December 2014
Another cold-air walk. My complexion has definitely improved and I can now see a small difference around the jaw-line – tightening nicely.

29th December 2014
First comment made by my husband to say that he can see a difference in the jaw-line area; if you knew my husband you’d know that the fact he’s noticed anything is quite something! Definitely tightened and the little saggy bits are lifting – love it!

31st December 2014
First day in work since the procedure and every single person has commented on how I look “fresh”…..asking what is different! I have told my female colleagues about the procedure and they are extremely impressed. The bruise on my cheek has virtually disappeared and my jaw-line is most definitely more prominent! And this is only after 10 days!

I can’t wait to see the difference in another 2 weeks and then in another 6!

Week 2
Friends have noticed a change in that my cheek bones seems higher and my jaw-line is lifted.

Week 3
I went to a party on Friday evening and everyone was asking what was different. I told them what I had had done, and they were very inspired and impressed.

Week 6
Jaw line is still lifted, but having been seen by Sophia, she feels that a top up on the jaw line (both sides) will be beneficial. I agree.

I have been very careful to moisturise and I have avoided facial treatments, as advised by Debbie and Sophia. My face feels and looks fresh and my complexion has definitely shown a dramatic improvement. I am delighted with these results and I would certainly recommend this to anyone – also it’s an added bonus for anyone who wants to avoid invasive surgery.

Week 8
19th February
Attended clinic for a top-up. Had 2 more threads in each side of my jaw-line; what an absolute difference; instantly! Did not hurt one bit!

The results are amazing. Thank you Debbie and Sophia for an amazing treatment!

Maria Pownall, Aged 49