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Sam’s Diary

I’d always prided myself on looking after my skin and getting enough sleep but after a very stressful 18 months my face had aged around 10 years, was grey looking no matter how many facials I had and the lines down the side of my mouth made me feel so miserable and certainly didn’t match my personality.  I’d thought about a lower face lift but

A. Couldn’t afford it and

B. Didn’t want such an invasive treatment.

I’ve had botox treatments in the past, but I was left with droopy eyes. I just assumed that was my natural fate and accepted that I was fated never to be able to achieve a lift.

After an initial consultation with both Sophia and Debbie the Ultra V Lift was recommended along with Botox to lift my eyebrows and fillers for around my mouth.

Appointment Day – 16 April 2015
Had the full treatment explained to me again, what would be done today and next steps.  Very nervous as I didn’t know what to expect and had been advised that some patients felt the odd needle or the feeling of pushing – yuk.

Debbie applied the anaesthetic cream and I was left for around 45mins before treatment commenced in order for my face to numb.  After an initial test to see if my face was numb the threads which are injected through a fine needle to my right side first before then doing the same again on the left.  Apparently I have good thick skin and can honestly say I didn’t feel a thing other than on the left side near my ear when Debbie had to push a little harder to get the thread in but it was more a pressure than any kind of discomfort.

The whole procedure including the Botox took around 1 hour and didn’t want it to end as I was quite enjoying relaxing on the bed instead of running around as normal. My face had slight swelling at the side of one eye and jaw line, a slight warmth and tightness was felt but having held a cold face cloth to the area it soon went down.   I was advised that I could continue as normal but to keep my head upright and not put my head forward for the next 24/48 hours while it settled down.

As it was a very hot April day (yes we do have them) by the time I got home I had slight swelling again to the side of my left eye and chin but again put a cold facecloth on and off for a couple of hours and it soon calmed down.  No problems eating my evening meal or sleeping but had to teach myself to lay on my back as tender on your side.

Next Day
Slight tenderness to the face and bruising around jawline and under left eye which I was advised might happen but nothing a little concealer couldn’t cover. I’ve always been good at cleansing and moisturising twice a day so found this part easy, but realised I needed to be doing it just that bit gentler.

Next 2/3 weeks
Over the next couple of weeks I sometimes felt a slight tingle/pricking sensation in my face when leaning forward and now and again I’d feel a slight aching but I put this down to the bruising which went quite dark after week one then slowly started to fade and fully gone by week 4.  Had to take a couple of headache tablets now and again with the slight aching which quickly took it away.

Haven’t had the need to go for a facial as seeing a real difference to my complexion and its not really recommended anyway for the first few weeks while your skin settles down.

Week 5
By now I can see a real difference to the texture and look of my skin.  Went for my make up doing at Space NK as needed a change from the colours I’d been using for years and was told that I didn’t need to use foundation as I had a real glow and even colouring to my skin and was recommend CC cream which WOW really makes your skin look fresh.  This glow apparently is down to the collagen renewal which adheres to the threads that then dissolve leaving your skin tighter, fresher and more youthful looking.

I came out of the shop having given them full details of what I’d had done, and having purchased a lot fewer products than previously over the years. I can now do my work or going out face with just 5 items and it takes 10mins max. Another cold-air walk. My complexion has definitely improved and I can now see a small difference around the jaw-line – tightening nicely.

Follow up – 3 July 2015
By now I’m seeing a difference to my jowls but Debbie ever the perfectionist suggested that I needed just a few more threads under my eyes which took no time at all.  No swelling this time just a bruise that cleared in a couple of weeks.

What I was often reminded is that people see a difference and different timescales which is dependant on your skin type and how your body heals/generates collagen so don’t expect a huge difference immediately it comes with time.

September 2015
Had my final consultation with Sophia to check on the progress and to finally have my filler around the mouth.  Sophia had recommended that this was done some time after the threading in order for my face to settle down and see the lifting effect.  Had the filler which have to be honest felt a few pin pricks as you don’t have anaesthetic cream with this (softy!) but oh my goodness what a difference it made it was amazing.

If I can give one bit of advice, listen to what Sophia recommends as no two faces are the same and will need different products to get the same results.  In my case I needed the V Lift, Botox and Filler, but she knows faces its her job, she looks at your face and works out what is required to get the results you want.

October 2015
I am so impressed with how fresh my skin is looking and the way my jowls have lifted.  I’m amazed at the compliments I’m getting at work and from people I haven’t seen in ages who say its taken years off me and don’t look my age.

But to be honest the main change is in me and how I feel, I am now more confident in my looks, have changed my hairstyle which now shows my face off more and updated my clothes which better reflect how I feel as I was ageing well before my time.  I am excited with the results so far and know that it is improving daily – I’ll need to have a check up on an annual basis for the threading to see if any other areas need to be touched up and probably twice a year for filler and Botox but that’s nothing to keep on top of it, its just like visiting the dentist but without the pain.

Yes its costly at first but when I’ve broken down the cost of what I’ve spent more over the years buying lotions and potions that haven’t worked and facials that really aren’t suitable and only show an improvement for a day then I’ve spent more on those.  Would I recommend it to friends and family – I already have!

You just don’t realise how amazing the results are until you see your before picture months later – an amazing treatment!

Sam, Aged 48