Ultra V Lift

The ground breaking, scalpel-free face and body lifting treatment.

The Temple Practice is now delighted to offer this ground breaking, scalpel-free face and body lifting treatment – the Ultra V Lift. The cosmetic medicine world is raving about this treatment. It has only very recently become available in the UK.

Naturally, we wanted to see for ourselves, so the practice founder Sophia Shafi decided to try out the treatment herself with a view to providing it at her clinics…

Treatment testimonial…

“I turn 50 this year and was considering a surgical jawline and lower facelift. Whilst I am no stranger to surgery, I would always prefer a non-surgical option if it is available provided the results are as good and long-lasting. I spend my time researching products from all over the world and choose the best ones to be used at my clinics.

When I read about this product in November last year, I was fascinated. It’s a product that has been used in major surgery for many years to help repair and promote the healing and tightening of major organs. It made sense to me that it could be safely used under the skin at the greatest stress-points to do the same. The skin is, after all, the largest organ of the body.

The results are staggering – a perfect complement to dermal fillers and “Botox” type treatments. Not only is my face noticeably lifted, but the condition of my skin appears significantly younger – so much so that even my partner did a double-take. He generally only does that when he sees a fancy car.”

I asked a friend to trial the product for me as a model. We focused on her inner and outer jawline, upper and lower cheeks, tear troughs and orbital area, mouth area and chin. Her diary and photos below speak for themselves.

“We’ve had tears of joy and heaps of praise”


Testimonial from Ms HG:

“I had P.D.O treatment at the Temple Practice where the team welcomed me with a warm & friendly approach before taking the time to explain the treatment & what results to expect.           

The entire team were very professional, answered my questions clearly & made me feel at ease. The procedure was not painful as anaestic cream was used to numb the areas treated, i experienced a little discomfort & found it non invasive. After the procedure areas of my face were slightly swollen & bruised but expected by me as i have very sensitive skin. Instantly i noticed that my skin felt & looked firmer. 8 wks on SUCCESS!! it has been so effective, my complexion has improved, its more smoother & even toned. I am delighted with the results & its made me feel more confident. 

A big thankyou to the team who administered my treatment for being so gentle, patient & helping in making a more fresher & youthful me”

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