Clinical Hypnosis

Clinical Hypnosis

Using a natural state of altered consciousness which can be beneficial in helping treat conditions

Hypnosis is a natural, enjoyable, very beneficial state of altered consciousness, similar to daydreaming. It is painless, very relaxing with no unwanted side effects. It is totally safe, when in hypnosis the person remains completely in control at all times.

Introducing Graham Temple
Fully qualified and accredited, Graham lectures and trains doctors, dentists and other health professionals in clinical hypnosis and emotional freedom technique (EFT), and is co-author of “Hypnosis & Communication in Dental Practice”, the definitive text book in this field.

Emotional Freedom Technique
This is a relatively new therapy with its roots going back thousands of years to Tibet, China and Japan. It provides rapid and effective treatment for a wide range of conditions using the same meridians and energy points as used in acupuncture/acupressure, combined with modern psychological knowledge. EFT restores the flow of energy using gentle tapping on various points.

For a variety of conditions
Hypnosis and EFT together with other therapies, used alone or in combination, can be extremely helpful in a wide range of conditions:
Phobias including needles, dentistry, flying, public speaking, etc.
Anxiety & Panic Attacks
Weight Control
Smoking Cessation
Habit Control including nail biting, thumb sucking, etc.
Pain Control

Clinical Hypnosis FAQ

Clinical hypnosis is a therapeutic technique that utilises a state of deep relaxation and focused attention to access the subconscious mind. It involves a trained hypnotherapist guiding individuals into this state to help them address various issues, such as anxiety, phobias, smoking cessation, and weight management.

Yes, clinical hypnosis is considered safe when practiced by a qualified and experienced hypnotherapist. At The Temple Practice, our hypnotherapy sessions are conducted by Graham Temple, a certified professional who adheres to ethical standards and prioritises client safety and well-being.

Clinical hypnosis offers a range of benefits, including stress reduction, improved focus and concentration, enhanced self-confidence, behavior modification, and relief from certain physical and emotional conditions. It can be an effective complementary therapy in conjunction with other medical treatments.

The number of sessions needed can vary depending on the individual and the specific issue being addressed. Some concerns may require only a few sessions, while others may benefit from a more extended treatment plan. Our hypnotherapist, Graham Temple, will assess your needs and provide a personalised recommendation during the initial consultation.

Clinical hypnosis can be beneficial for many individuals; however, it may not be suitable for everyone. People with certain psychiatric conditions or individuals who are not open to the process may not respond as effectively. Our experienced hypnotherapist, Graham Temple, will evaluate your situation and discuss the suitability of clinical hypnosis during the initial assessment.

Clinical Hypnosis Questions

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