Dental Implants

The most advanced solution available today for the replacement of natural teeth

At The Temple Practice and The West Yorkshire Dental Implant Centre, we pride ourselves on creating beautiful and natural smiles using the latest dental technology.

A more permanent solution
If you have missing teeth or have loose dentures, then implant dentistry may well be the answer to your problems. Implants provide solutions that allows you to live your life without having to think about your teeth. Most patients report that having the implant placed was much easier than having a tooth extracted.

What is a dental Implant?

Dental Implants are small titanium screws, which are carefully placed into the jawbone, designed to replace the root section of a missing tooth.

The living bone grows around the titanium surface to fix the dental implant firmly in place. These implants can then be used to support fixed crowns and bridges. They can replace one tooth or up to a full arch of missing teeth. They can also be used to stabilise a loose or uncomfortable denture, especially benefitting those with a full lower denture.

Replacing a single tooth: A dental implant is a great choice for a single missing tooth, whether its visible or not, and the results can be life changing. A single implant provides the foundation for a crown, which will match up with your own natural teeth.

Replacing several teeth: If you’re missing more than one tooth, there are a few options available. In some cases, a single dental implant can support two replacement teeth, or two or more implants can support a fixed bridge if you are missing several teeth, right up to replacing a full set of missing teeth.

Implant secured dentures
Dentures can be uncomfortable, irritating and embarrassing. With advances in implant dentistry, there are techniques for denture stabilisation

The benefits of dental implants
• Implants look and feel just like natural teeth.
• Implants provide permanent stability and comfort without effecting healthy teeth.
• Implants can last for many years if you maintain good oral health.
• Implants can reduce aging bone loss, by stimulating your bone structure and stabilising the surrounding teeth.

What to expect
Whatever type of implant dentistry you require, we have all options available to you. We are experienced in all aspects of implant dentistry, from single tooth to full arch cases. We treat every patient on an individual basis and will only offer you implants if we believe they are right for you. If not, we have a wide range of alternative treatment options.

Your Implant Plan
Every patient enquiring about implants is offered a free, half hour consultation. During your consultation, we will discuss your suitability for implants and how they can help you with different treatment options available. If you decide you want to go ahead with treatment, our team will scan you using the 3D-CT scanner to help determine the quality and quantity of the bone you have in your jaw. This will aid the planning and positioning of your implants. Every patient will be sent a full treatment report with a cost breakdown after the initial assessment.

Implant costs
At first glance implant treatment appears to be more expensive than other options such as dentures or bridges. However, when you consider the longevity of the treatment and the long-term health of your mouth, it is almost always a wise option, which will prove to be very cost effective over time.

Dental Implant Before & After Photos

Dental Implant Testimonials

Patient 1 – Geoff Cliffe on Google
“Recently had a dental implant and want to thank all the staff at west Park Dental Practice. The professional level of care and friendliness has been absolutely wonderful. Also a big thank you to Craig and Sam, who have guided me through the process every step of the way. The final fitting was a wonderful experience and I’m delighted with the result, which has exceeded my expectations.

Special Thanks to Paul for the top class care and attention to detail which I have received. It’s been a lovely experience from start to finish and feel I can now smile again with confidence. Thanks again!”

Patient 2 – Debbie Thirlwall on Google
Excellent service from everyone at the surgery from the first consultation to the final fitting. I was well informed throughout the full process and all appointments arranged to meet my busy schedule. I am really pleased with the final result – with the teeth looking very natural. Would recommend to anyone thinking of having implants!”

Patient 3 – Nazranah Riaz on Google
“I have just completed implant treatment by Rob Finch over the course of several months. I am very happy with the outcome and would definitely recommend Rob to others. He gave me all the information and advice I needed or requested at every stage and has been thoroughly professional but friendly and approachable throughout.”

Lets talk!

Join Media Business Analyst Kate Hardcastle MBE as she interviews The Temple Practice dentists to discuss the most common questions about Dental Implants. Hear from a patient who had Dental Implants done at West Yorkshire Dental Implant Centre on the treatment process and how it has impacted his life.

Dental Implant FAQ

Dental Implants can benefit most adults. Many older people worry that they are not suitable because of age, but the only factor that is taken into consideration is your health and density of your jawbone. In some cases, it may be necessary to carry out a bone grafting procedure if there is a lack of bone, but this should not prevent you from undergoing dental implant treatment. However, dental implants are not a suitable option for every patient and a full oral health assessment will be carried out at the consultation.

Dental Implant Questions

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